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How to take care of a Dalmatian dog



If we had to choose a famous breed in stories, movies, and TV, this would be the Dalmatian, a dog with a characteristic and unmistakable appearance that makes it an elegant and attractive specimen. Faithful and intelligent, it is a great family pet, so if you are thinking of giving it a space in your home, at we help you with some tips so that you know how to take care of a Dalmatian dog

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Steps to follow:


The Dalmatian does not take its final appearance until after the year, while they are puppies their spots are not yet present in their fur in the way they look in adulthood


In addition to being a cheerful and fun animal, with a lot of intelligence, this dog is a great watchdog, with an enormous protective instinct. He also excels as a good hunting companion.


You must know that the Dalmatian is a very active dog, so it requires daily exercise: walking, running, playing, and everything necessary to keep its body healthy and elegant.


This animal is a great family pet as it is quite docile, faithful, and patient, even with the most naughty children, who will surely keep it running and playing.


One of the first care to take into account concerning the Dalmatian is to give it attention and affection since it is an animal that tends to be melancholy and if we ignore it or keep it away from the family it can become depressing.


Its beautiful coat is easy to maintain as it is quite short, however, if you want it shiny and in good condition, you should brush it daily or every two days. This animal can lose a lot of hair, if so, use an anti-loss shampoo, consult your veterinarian about the frequency of applications


It is an animal that requires space, so it is not recommended to have it in an apartment, it should lives in a place with a garden where it can run and entertain itself.


As is the case with other breeds of dogs, their diet should be by their age and the activity they carry out. Avoid giving homemade food that may be inadequate and with few nutrients for the Dalmatian, it is best to resort to commercial preparations


This breed is prone to deafness, so this aspect requires special attention when visiting the vet


Regarding the doctor, the recommendation is always the same: every dog ​​should visit the vet twice a year for a general check-up to make sure that everything is going well.

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