Cat Saves Little Boy From Being Attacked by Neighbor’s Dog

In the battle between cats and dogs, the cat team scored a big win. Imagine a little kid on a bike facing a dog from the neighbor. But then, a brave cat named Tara zoomed in super fast to save the day.

ABC’s David Wright caught everything on camera. Four-year-old Jeremy was just riding his bike when a dog suddenly showed up out of nowhere. The home cameras filmed as the dog grabbed Jeremy, and then Tara, the black cat, jumped in.

Yep, you heard it right – a cat. Look closely at the video. The quick dark blur on the right? That’s Tara, jumping on the dog and scaring it away, rescuing Jeremy.

Before watching the video, nobody knew the cat was part of the action. It surprised everyone, making them gasp. Tara, who became part of the family five years ago after following them home from the park, had a special connection with Jeremy. As a baby, Tara would snuggle up to him in his crib, which is unusual for cats known for being distant.

This brave cat risked its own safety to protect Jeremy. It’s not common to see a cat jump at a dog like that. This round goes to the kitty cat for sure. Jeremy got some stitches from the dog bite, but he’ll be okay thanks to Tara.

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