Husky Dog Adopted Stray Cat and Save Her Life

Two years ago, Rosie came into our lives. She was hungry, had no mom, and was just about two weeks old. My sisters and I have always been into saving cats. We were on our way to Sausalito, CA for kayaking, and we usually take our furry crew with us – meet Lilo, Infinity (we call her Thingy), and Rosie.

We don’t usually have cats on our adventures, but Rosie joined in. Ever had a cat? Nope, this was a first for us. We love their life jackets. Passing by old marine railways, a harbor seal haul-out, and heading back – that’s our plan for the day. Oh no, we can’t see Finney (that’s a dog used to kayaking). Lilo and Rosie need to be on the same boat; otherwise, Rosie freaks out.

When Rosie first joined us, she was weak and not drinking milk. We woke up every two hours to feed her, but she got thinner and frailer. One night, she took a bad turn, and Lilo, interested in her, stepped in to help. Lilo, essentially Rosie’s mom, surprised us by cuddling and then encouraging her to drink milk. Lilo stayed by her side, not even getting up to eat. Lilo’s patience and gentleness saved Rosie’s life.

Our rule is to nurse kittens back to health and find them good homes. We planned the same for Rosie, but Lilo and Rosie’s bond wouldn’t let us separate them. So, we adopted Rosie. Their first adventure together was going to the park, and Rosie followed Lilo like a champ. Now, they do everything together – hiking, road trips, swimming, and walks.

As Rosie grew up, Lilo became her mentor, teaching her about the outdoors and bravery. Rosie’s all grown up now, more independent, but Lilo still holds on to her motherly ways. They help each other be who they are. Lilo’s calmness balances Rosie’s outgoing personality.

They even help other kittens we take in. Last year, Magic had Rosie as his protector. Now, Magic and his parents go on adventures. Rosie knows tricks like high five, high ten, and bang. We think she might be smarter than most, maybe even smarter than Lilo.

Their friendship teaches us a lot about accepting differences and how they can make us stronger. In today’s world, their relationship shows us that friendship doesn’t have to be with people who are similar.

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