This 16-year-old dog gets rescued from being trapped in a box for his entire life

This 16-year-old dog gets rescued from being trapped in a box for his entire life. Watch his transformation from being matted and unrecognizable to getting the opportunity to run around like a puppy again.

At around 16 years old, Atlas had spent most of his life confined to a small enclosure. Someone in the neighborhood noticed his mistreatment, finding him in a box and in bad shape. It took about six hours to cut off all the matted fur, and that’s when the decision to foster Atlas was made.

This 16-year-old dog gets rescued

This 16-year-old dog gets rescued

Upon seeing the fragile and tiny dog, the decision to foster turned into a commitment to provide a permanent home. Placing Atlas on a horse, the caregiver wanted to convey a sense of safety and security to the neglected dog. Initially, Atlas struggled with eating and drinking, likely due to his previous mistreatment. However, in his new home, he quickly adjusted, enjoying the freedom to roam around the yard.

Having spent so much time in a small box, Atlas initially found it challenging to stand on his hind legs. Concerned about his well-being, his caregiver opted not to use a crate and allowed him to explore freely. Introducing him to other animals, like Nelson, the caregiver tried to encourage playfulness, but Atlas was hesitant at first.

Atlas’s adjustment was slow, with his caregiver making efforts to understand his needs. Unsure if he could hear, they made noises and tapped the floor to gauge his reactions. Following him around the house, the caregiver ensured he navigated his surroundings safely, fostering an environment where Atlas could gradually come out of his shell and experience the joys of a caring home.

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